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Dec 23

Year End Slow-Down or Amp Up?

As 2009 is on the verge of wrapping up I just wanted to write and reflect on all that I have accomplished this year.

Nov 13

I Left Freelancing to be Lijit

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I left IBM to take the Freelance plunge back on June 19th, 2008. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really great people, complete my BA in Web Design and do some really fun projects.

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What I Do


I love all things design. Web, print, typography, branding, everything. My speciality is in web design & user interaction. I find that the best artists do not limit themselves. You will find a variety of work in my portfolio.


Although I primarily do design, I got some coding skills to back it up. XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Basic MySql, Basic Actionscript 3. I also love using Wordpress & Drupal.

Matt Haltom

Who am I?

I am a dog lover with a passion for all things design.  I love the challenge of taking the goals of a company or person and converting them into web and print concepts that communicate.  I am currently the web designer & programer at Another Color Inc., where I work out of  my home office in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

I have studied web design for several years and have my Bachelors in Web Design & Multimedia.  I create interactive websites that are accessible, usable and cutting edge.  My goal is to make the internet usable and enjoyable. This means making effective designs that not only communicate effectively, but are easy to use and update.

Time away from the computer is as important as the time in front of it. Some of the ways I spend time outside of the office are hanging out with my girlfriend, running, swimming, wakeboarding, snowboarding, loving my dog Vida, photography, traveling, wine and more.

Why Work With Me?

I do a lot. The small businesses I work with tend to need someone who is well rounded. My experience in both Print & Web helps keep costs down.

I don't need my hand held. I've been doing this for a while and I know how to find solutions to complex problems.

My work has been featured on numerous design galleries including: CSS Drive, CSS Daddy, CSS Star, CSS Container, CSS Design Yorkshire & more.

I follow standards. All my work is typically W3C compliant unless I am using cutting-edge CSS & Javascript. I test all my work in different browsers.

My capabilities include: Adobe Creative Suite, XHTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Web Standards, Wordpress, Coda & more.

I am available to help you with your next web or print project. Please contact me below.

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Project Specs: Website Re-Design & Custom Illustration

Additional Comments: I first heard about WP CoOp from a guy named Jayson Cote.  Based on the goals of the site I was lead to put on the gloves and give it a full redesign for free.  I felt it could really benefit the WordPress community.  I also took the chance to create a fun illustration for the home page.

Nancy Deville

Project Specs: Full web design & coding for this one-page promotional site for a book just released.

Additional Comments: The good people at room214 sent Nancy my way to help get a redesign of her site going for the release of her new book Karma.  We set off to create something unique and what I hope will be an emerging trend in how book promoters market their book websites.  We accomplished goals of making the site easy to navigate and always giving people the option to purchase the book or watch the trailer.

Flatiron Window Fashions

Project Specs: Design and layout only, development by Design Divine.

Additional Comments: A fun little project to create the logo & new professional site design for this local Boulder/Denver company.  I think it turned out really nice and helped set them apart from their competitors.

Green Eagle

Project Specs: Website Design

Additional Comments: This was a design I did while working with Todd at Design Divine nearly a year ago.  Green Eagle finally took the steps to get their website up and going.  Building construction has never been so green.

Asylum Afterhours

Project Specs: Full website design & coding with WordPress.  Several JQuery features, live video & music feed.

Additional Comments: Asylum is an after-hours club in Hawaii.  This was probably the coolest site I have been able to work on.  The features and style was fun to create.  The layout is a mix of fluid and fixed width elements.  Using some WordPress trickery I created the upcoming and previous events list based on posts.  A really fun project.


Project Specs: Full website design & coding with WordPress. JQuery Navigation, audio features & blog components.

Additional Comments: Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging was a great site to work on to support local elderly community in Colorado. The site was designed to be as accessible as possible and simple to use. Created on a small budget, the website shows that any small business can afford to reach clients.

Temple Baptist Life Redesign

Project Specs: WordPress Design for Temple Baptist Life.

Additional Comments: This was a great project for me, I was given the chance to flex some WordPress design muscle on adding some really unique features to this site.  Custom Jquery navigation, Dropdowns, Animations and TextSizing really helps this site step into its own.

It also includes custom Worpress fields, templates, forums, flash photo galleries and all the little extras.

808 Bond

Project Specs: Website Design and Programming for A-1 Bonding.

Additional Comments: 808 Bond is the most well known bonding agency in Hawaii. A revamp of their website was needed to establish a consistent brand and help their current clients and reach new ones. Now, only if I can get back out to Hawaii again.


Project Specs: Website Design and Programming for AllinPortuguese

Additional Comments: This was a very fun site to work on with a great company. The site design fits the culture Brazilian culture along with colors and imagery. Added some special features like built in click to call Skype functionality.

Colorado Conference Rooms

Project Specs: Front end Design of Colorado Conference Rooms.

Project Partners: Produced with Design Divine

Additional Comments: This site required a corporate look in such a way that it still closely related to its company partner, office evolution. Working with Todd from Design Divine, I created the front end design look, including a special icon set just for the site.

Storage Genetics

Project Specs: Font end design of Storage Genetics Website.

Project Partners: Produced with Design Divine

Additional Comments: This technology company needed a new site.  I took care of the front end design and programming and then handed off to Design Divine.  This was one of my favorite designs thus far.  It included a slick drop-down menu and horizontal update bar.

(Site Under Development)

Susan Erkisson

Project Specs: HTML, CSS, PHP, Unique Layout variations

Project Partners: Produced with Todd Dumas from Design Divine

Additional Comments: This was a great project that, although simple in some ways pushed my use of PHP in my designs, as well as working with a unique type of layout.

Asylum Posters

Project Specs: Print Flyers & Posters for Events

Additional Comments: Working on these types of projects are always fun because there are few limitations.  Although the posters should be informative, their style is unique and convey exclusive style and house music feel.

Bud Light Rocks the Boat

Project Specs: Event Poster & Ads for Steamboat Ski Resort

Additional Comments: Fun project redesigning the logo & poster for the Bud Light Rocks the Boat at Steamboat event.  I also did some ads for several bands playing at the event.

Asylum Logo

Project Specs: Creation and Delivery of Unique Logo for Asylum after hours club in Hawaii.

Additional Comments: Asylum is a new after hours club is Hawaii.  Very exclusive, this club is sure to become a must go spot in Hawaii, if you can find out where it is. The moon over the “A” casts a shadow of the building.

SG Commercial Coolers

Project Specs: Creation and Delivery of Unique Logo for SG Commercial Coolers.

Project Partners: Produced with TriCalyx

Additional Comments: Another interesting company with a unique idea about how they wanted their logo to be presented.  It should be bold and metallic, reminiscent of the Ford logo.  The final logo selected was the square version, although I liked the others more.  I also did the flash intro on their home page.

KM Electric Company

Project Specs: Creation and Delivery of Unique Logo for KM Electric Company.

Project Partners: Produced with TriCalyx

Additional Comments: The only requirement for this logo was NO LIGHTNING BOLTS.  As you can see, none here.  KM is a small company of electricians in Colorado.  The “M” in the logo symbolized the mountains or wrapped wire.  The blue and black colors were used to give it a strong impact.

Green Eagle Development

Project Specs: Creation of Unique Logo for Green Eagle Development.

Project Partners: Produced with Todd Dumas from Design Divine

Additional Comments: Green companies are popping up all over the place these days.  Green Eagle is a new development/construction company in Boulder, Colorado.  Several design concepts later, the top logo was the final result.

Colorado Conference Rooms

Project Specs: Creation of Unique Logo for Colorado Conference Rooms, a new branch of Office Evolution.

Project Partners: Produced with Todd Dumas from Design Divine

Additional Comments: This was a challenging logo, working with such a long company name and still hoping to make things like Colorado and conference rooms tie in together.  Although this was not the final choice for the logo, I felt this one communicated what the company was very strongly.  The arches representing tables OR mountain hills.


Project Specs: Creation and Delivery of Unique Logo for Weekly Party in Hawaii.

Additional Comments: A simple water inspired logo that needed to convey the type of party.  It was a big poolside techno party once a week.

The Ponds at Steamboat

Project Specs: Creation and Delivery of Unique Logo for Apartment Complex

Additional Comments: This logo was made for an apartment complex next to the Steamboat Ski Resort.  It had a pond next to is as well with some “cat tails” growing on the edge.  You can see where the inspiration for the logo came from.

Shape & Body Study

In College I studied the human body & shape.  These were two of my favorite quick-sketch works done under 5 minutes with live models.

2 Women

Two portraits that have subtle, descriptive meanings behind the faces.

Virtual Portrait

This was a virtual portrait done with a combination of a photo I took in Brazil & a virtual person.

Contact Matt

You’ve seen my work, now work with me!  I am currently unavailable, as I currently work at Lijit.  If however you do have a project you think I will find interesting & don’t have a tight time deadline feel free to contact me about it, I do a bit of work on the side here and there.

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If you are looking for a large project understand I am only one man. You should contact my full-time business Another Color Inc. where I am lead web designer.

If you want personal attention on your project, you will love working with me. I take on very few projects at once and I am easy to work with.

If you only need a designer, search no more because that is my specialty. Whether it is for your website or print project, send me a message with a discerption of what you need.

If you only need a programmer, I am probably not your best choice. I'm a pretty darn good one but I typically do not take on heavy programing only jobs, but you are still welcome to ask.

If you are a Small Business I can help take your website or print project from start to finish with the type of individual attention you are looking for.